Advertising and marketing online are our expertise and true love.
In every campaign or marketing move we aspire to make
the brand we work with exceptional in every standard.












We outperform our competitors on each of these digital marketing-related core activities.

Seriously. Click to find out how.​

Our Clients




Developing the correct approach to optimization begins with a deep understanding of Google’s and Facebook’s commercial models. That’s where we operate, tweak and improve.



Strategy & Identity

We begin the work on each of our clients from the ground up. We explore and research to understand from square one which tools, technologies and systems we should employ.




We serve your videos using a programmatic campaign only to the potential customers you’re interested in, without waste of exposure to irrelevant crowd.




The digital moves we create are integrated across different platforms, and they enable optimization between them.



Are you ready to shift gears in your digital marketing​?​

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South Africa





about us​

We were born out of a tremendous passion for digital media, curiosity and an insatiable drive for the employment of technology-integrated and creativity-embedded tools and methods to take your brand into the next level. We were created out of our customers’ need for newer, more sophisticated services, without hesitation and with conviction of our command over digital media. As early as our first day we led new and experienced brands into major breakthroughs in sales growth and business leverage.

We at Catch-Up are not healers or spiritualists. We are a modern interactive marketing agency which employs proven tools and methodologies to accomplish goals; make meaningful, repeating and long-lasting connections between your brand and customers all around the world; and employ our wide business perspective to drive sophisticated digital moves, leading to the creation of high ROI and long-lasting brand empowerment. Our agency is professionally managed by Google and we are a Facebook Marketing Partner. A deep understanding like ours of Google’s and Facebook’s business models,together with our unique technologies and experienced team, can bring about the desired changes to your digital processes in your business or brand.

We are not your typical agency, and we won’t use heavy jargon to confuse you or prove our dominance. On the contrary, we believe in transparency and clarity which will enable you to understand the secrets behind every stage of the process. Our team comprises people of action and hard work – multi-talented by definition, ones who were born to understand, offer ideas and solve problems. We believe in hard work and know how to experience success, we learn fast from mistakes and duplicates successes wherever possible.


Eyal Matityahou

Galit Bechor

Chaim Mishali

Creative & campaign 


17 years exp.

Media purchasing

15 years exp.

Digital advertising technology 

12 years exp.


what do we do? 

Digital media is viewed on 3 main screens: personal computers (desktops and laptop), tablets, and smartphones.

Endless surfer interactions occur on these screens, consuming and creating data which multiples itself annually by 300%.

Our work​ focused and sophisticated funnels of quality traffic towards your data and products.

The digital moves we create are perfectly adapted and served through all the digital media devices, including mobile phones, tablets and computers. However, your digital presence doesn’t end with a beautiful internet site or a Facebook page liked by 500 friends. In our standards your digital presence in supposed to yield results which stem directly from precisely-defined marketing moves to advance your business interests – in other words, return on investment (ROI). Your digital presence is supposed to drive your business towards your goals: on the brand identity aspect, and mainly, in the marketing and commercial aspect. To this end, we use a combination of components and solutions which are strategically tailored towards digital media. Through our global activity in the mobile-based ad exchanges, we promote mobile applications and we target potential customers in mobile-friendly websites. Our work methods, technology and experience converge into a single goal, which is: creating focused and sophisticated funnels of quality traffic towards your data and products.


Once your website and advertisements are ready, further activity revolves around 3 main activities: getting more views to the right audience, getting more clicks on the ad to bring traffic to your landing page, and optimizing the activity on your website to drive more actions and revenue. We outperform our competitors on each of these core activities, and we provide you with digital solutions for all your other needs.


how do we do it?


our values


Our industry is highly unregulated and unstructured. We regard integrity and credibility as paramount values to ensure your peace of mind all along the campaign, as well as after it ends.​


Your success is our success. To us it’s not a cliché, it’s our goal. We fight for every campaign and if needed, we work nights for every client, no matter its size.​


You can get a sense of our deep understanding and professionalism as early as the first meeting with us. So what are you waiting for? Call us today.​


how do we do it?


we have developed shrewd technological tools to help us perfectly combine creativity with the digital world.​


we were drawn into the world of internet marketing before Google was even around.​